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Digital Marketing & creative director

Amber Tripp

Versatile and Creative

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to wear many hats.  I started out as a graphic designer, then became a web designer, then designer/developer, digital marketer, Creative Director, and then Digital Marketing Director.  Having this type of versatility and agility in my personal portfolio gives me the ability to get hands-on with my team in order to deliver the best results.  From research to branding, marketing campaign development and implementation to website design and development, I can do it all and therefore can help my team constantly grow by not just directing, but also teaching or rolling up my sleeves and lending a hand wherever help is needed.

branding, design, video, advertising, social media

Product Launch

Trinity Dunn Book Launch

Trinity Dunn is a new author who wanted to self-publish her first book on Amazon. She approached me for help with the creative and the marketing/advertising that would get her book noticed both pre and post-launch.

There's no such thing as being done learning.

Marketing, particularly in the digital realm is ever-evolving and therefore in order to be impactful as a marketing leader, the education should never stop. I take a course on marketing, design, leadership, coding, or branding at least once a month and encourage my team to do the same.

Curiosity = Innovation.