UX Design, App Design

Clark/Crown Rewards App


January 2022


United States




Project Overview

Understanding the intricacies of their customer engagement patterns, I strategically designed the app’s functionality to enhance user interaction, reward loyalty, and encourage frequent visits. This approach was underpinned by a deep analysis of customer behavior, preferences, and feedback, ensuring the final product was not just an extension of the Clark/Crown brand but a valuable tool that significantly elevated the customer experience.

The Experience.

By immersing myself in the user experience of competitor apps, I was able to gather critical insights into what enhancements could make our app stand out in terms of usability, value, and customer satisfaction. This meticulous approach ensured that the app we developed not only met but exceeded customer expectations, setting a new benchmark for convenience and engagement in the rewards app domain.

The Screens

The culmination of our efforts in developing the Clark/Crown rewards app yielded impressive results. Customer feedback, gathered through surveys, underscored the app’s success, highlighting its ease of navigation and user-friendly interface. Particularly well-received was the “easy activate” feature, which seamlessly transformed barcodes/numbers into coupons at checkout, enhancing the shopping experience with minimal effort from the user.