Likefolio came to us looking to reorganize, rebrand, and restyle their website.  We came up with a strategy to properly funnel website visitors into specific segments in order to lead them to the right products.  Custom developed in WordPress, this site is easy to use and instantly produced results!  We then went on to design and implement their opportunity alert templates, emails, and white papers.

Mobile First

We designed this site mobile-first.  Providing all the inner pages in concept before developing.  Since the majority of their site visitors came in on mobile, we tailored the mobile experience to be as effective as possible.


We took all their existing downloads and created a consistent design across the board – giving them new cover layouts and a standard innerpage layout design.  We created a standard email template and a PPT template for their opportunity alerts.  We used inDesign to create a sell-sheet template for all future sell sheets.