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Trinity Dunn Book Launch

Trinity Dunn is a new author who wanted to self-publish her first book on Amazon. She approached me for help with the creative and the marketing/advertising that would get her book noticed both pre and post-launch.

The Creative

Step one: read the book. After reading, I did some research into similar authors to determine the buyer personas. After I had four strong personas, I developed a book cover and sent the creative out to be surveyed in a test group consisting of women that fit the buyer persona. Based on their response, I created a Trinity Dunn brand and website, complete with messaging tone on social media, logo, typography, and overall book guidelines for the Adrift Series.

Trinity Dunn

Pre-Launch Campaign

We created a "Pre-Order Your Signed Copy" product page on the website and created several short and long variations of a video ad. We worked with a jingle house to compose the song (I wrote the lyrics and melody) and I put the various videos together. These videos promoted the pre-order and were used in Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ads targeting people who followed similar authors. We then put together a blog content calendar to show chapter previews, location imagery from the book and give insight into the second book in the series which is currently being written.